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State of Hockey Spotlight: Edgcumbe

01/30/2019, 12:30pm CST
By Elizabeth Boger

Get to know the Edgcumbe Youth Hockey Association

Why they're awesome

From brand-new skaters to seasoned hockey enthusiasts who grew up on skates, the Edgcumbe Hockey Association in Saint Paul is a home for all players.

“We don’t turn anyone away,” said Edgcumbe Hockey Association President Dan Muccio.

Through his 30 years with the association and a decade serving as its president, Muccio has witnessed numerous players experience and embrace the unique culture Edgcumbe offers.

“We can only play at the lowest level offered by Minnesota Hockey,” Muccio said, noting the program uses that limitation to its advantage by offering the same development focused environment, but at a lower cost and commitment level than most hockey associations in the metro area.

“Over the years, we’ve had kids who have played at other associations throughout the Twin Cities that have come to us that have maybe been burnt out.”

It’s an approach that has created a new wave of enthusiasm for hockey in the neighborhoods of St. Paul.

Positive Vibes

Edgcumbe attracts new faces each season when it hosts its annual Try Hockey For Free Day in the fall and recently helped launch a District 1 weekly girl specific skating night. At the same time, it’s also welcoming to anyone looking to join the game at older ages.

“If someone says their child wants to play, I’ll find a team for them,” Muccio said. “We have two Junior Gold teams, too … so I can have a brand-new first-year Peewee skater or first-year Bantam skater. I don’t turn anyone away.”

At Edgcumbe, costs are kept low and players can register up until December 31. Mites practice Saturday and Sunday mornings, and have the same starting time all year. Tournaments and practices at the scenic outdoor rink at Edgcumbe Rec Center are often a highlight for the kids and their families.

Home Ice: Ken Yackel Arena and Edgcumbe Outdoor Rink
District: 1
President: Dan Muccio
2017-18 Registration Numbers: 198

The main focus for Muccio and the entire Edgcumbe program is to gladly welcome anyone and everyone who wants to play, and then try to instill a passion for hockey in them so they return for the following season.

“We’re flexible,” Muccio said. “We have a different attitude, if you will. There’s school, church, grandma and grandpa’s birthdays—it’s not rigid about being there for every practice.”

For players who are interested in skating more often or playing at a higher level, Edgcumbe maintains a relationship with other local associations, but they often find kids fall in love with the experience they provide.

“They’ll say, ‘no, I had too much fun here,’” Muccio said. “I get great feedback from the parents. They like it.”

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