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Off-ice Catch up with Brady Skjei

07/27/2017, 11:15am CDT
By Minnesota Hockey Journal

Photo Credit: T.E. Morris/Temo Photo

Nothing beats Minnesota in the summertime. It's an added bonus if we can mix the summer warmth with a little bit of hockey fun, too. 

Lucky for you, we at Minnesota Hockey Journal have found a way to do just that. 

Throughout the summer, we'll be catching up with amateurs and pros alike to see what their offseason looks like, and what they get up to when they're not at the rink (spoiler alert, it's plenty of time on unfrozen and frozen water just like you).

This week: New York Rangers defenseman Brady Skjei (Lakeville/University of Minnesota)

Minnesota Hockey Journal: Welcome back from the Big Apple to the State of Hockey, what have you been up to since you've been home?

Brady Skjei: It's good to be back. I took a little break right after the season. I just hung out at the lake, played a lot of golf, so now the last few weeks or so I've been really hitting it hard in the weight room, and I've gained a lot, so getting ready for next season, but I definitely took a few weeks there to unwind and get away from the game a bit

MHJ: Just how important is it at every level to take that time to like you said unwind and just say goodbye to hockey for a few months?

Skjei: It's huge. When I grew up, everyone played like three spots, and now it's kind of changing, which is weird to see. I enjoyed playing different sports and getting away from the game, and I think you learn from different things. I think it helps you playing hockey. Getting that rest time is nice, but being an all-around athlete is a huge thing.

MHJ: What's your go-to additional sport in your offseason these days?

Skjei: I love to get out and golf. It seems like that's kind of a thing a lot of hockey guys like to do. 

MHJ: How's the game been this summer?

Skjei: It's been inconsistent, but a few pretty good rounds so that needs some work for sure too.

MHJ: What's the best thing about coming back to Minnesota and growing up playing the game you love here in the State of Hockey?

Skjei: I think just everyone loves the game here so much. Everyone understands it. My dream was to play for the Gophers and then to play in the NHL, and I got to do both. It's been such a great place to grow up and they love their hockey here so it’s been exciting.

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