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Suter and ASPIRE Beverages Team up for Youth Hockey

11/03/2015, 3:15pm CST
By Jessi Pierce

When Ryan Suter's wife, Becky, came home from another day at the rink with the couple's 5-year-old son, Brooks, with an ASPIRE Beverage sports drink in hand, he had a tough time believing her it was healthy.

"I said, what do you mean? I didn't think those were very healthy," Suter quizzed. "Come to find out it sure is healthy. Less sugar, less artificial flavors, it's just a lot better for him and for kids."

It was that discovery that made the elder Suter become more and more interested in the Minnesota-based company. A company that, as of Thursday (Oct.29), he is now a part-owner and equity investor in.

"This is a very exciting day for me and everybody from ASPIRE," said co-founder John Montague of bringing Suter on as a partner during an official announcement at Braemar Arena in Edina. "Our goal is to become the sports drink of choice for all athletes, young and old, pros and amateurs...So you can imagine how exciting it was when a top athlete like Ryan Suter said he wanted to be a part of this company."

Suter's connection with the beverage brand deepened when he discovered it originated in 2012 from an idea by two hockey dads -- Montague and fellow founder Jesse Parker.

"Hearing they're from Edina and they're hockey dads, anytime you can help and be a part of something with guys that are down to earth and local, that's always something I try to do," Suter explained. "It's all about the kids as my dad (Bob Suter) always said. If this can help kids grow and develop into better people and better athletes, then I'm all for that."

Further making the day's event and announcement about the kids, Suter joined the ice with a group of young players for a brief clinic, while giving the wide-eyed kids the chance to skate with the hockey star. 

Also on the ice was the young child that started it all, Brooks. A bit shy, when asked if he was excited to have his dad help out with a "yummy" drink, all he could simply do is nod. to which dad replied, "I'm probably even more excited than he is."

Click here to learn more about ASPIRE Beverages. 

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