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The Great Aspire Minnesota Shootout

12/23/2013, 10:30am CST
By Minnesota Hockey Journal

The Aspire Great Minnesota Shootout has been taking place at rinks across the state. Each week, new people qualify. Check below to see where you stack up in the competition and don't forget to go to to see where they will be!

Boys Mites

Joey Parker Minnesota Made Mite 9.39
Austin Anderson Champlin Mite 10.81
Evan Montague Edina Mite 11.84
Mason Kemeby Bloomington Kennedy Mite 13.64
Ethan Hall Minnesota Made Mite 14.59
Alexander Witzke Minnesota Made Mite 15.16
Peyton Blair Centennial Mite 16.37
Luke Iverson CCHA Mite 20.62
Mario Bailey White Bear Lake Mite 20.75
Kai Girard CCHA Mite 21.2
Logan Boston EPHA Mite 21.5
Quinn Godlund Wayzata Mite 21.95
Davis Hudnut CCHA Mite 22.57
Brandon Reil CPYHA Mite 22.61
Nathan Wekseth CPYHA Mite 22.73
Tyler Bottema Elk River Mite 22.9
Sam Stockman   Mite 23.02
Gavin Brink CCHA Mite 23.04
Ian Kellenberger EHA Mite 23.11
Alex Hall Eden Prairie Mite 23.59
Alex Kauffman CCHA Mite 23.75
Beck Rogers White Bear Lake Mite 24.23
Ryan Schultz sartell Mite 24.29

Boys Squirts

Kevin Odlaug Highland Squirt 8.87
Ayden Downs Highland Squirt 10.65
Aiden Welch White Bear Lake Squirt 11.46
Max Graf Highland Squirt 11.86
Jace Philbrook Elk River Youth Hockey Squirt 11.91
Luke Poehling LHA Squirt 11.96
Nic Snuggerud Chaska Squirt 12.24
Charlie Roach Eden Prairie Squirt 13.44
Henry Murray Edina Squirt 13.44
Brian Post Edina Squirt 13.5
Cy Ramsay Edina Squirt 13.94
Ethan Hagen Hastings Squirt 14.02
Nick Kruser Highland Squirt 14.11
Marcus Fritel Elk River Youth Hockey Squirt 14.23
Sullivan Scholle CCHA Squirt 14.44
Wyatt Smith Eden Prairie Squirt 14.89
Marc Lund Edina Squirt 15.33
Colin Benick Highland Squirt 15.66
Logan Starkey CCHA Squirt 15.75
Carsten Lardy Highland Squirt 15.88
Nathan Stone Edina Squirt 16

For complete standings click here

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