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CCM Skills Camp

07/12/2012, 3:05pm CDT
By MHJ Staff

First annual CCM Skills Camp coming to Schwan's Super Rink in Blaine

On Saturday, July 14, the first annual CCM Skills Camp will be making its second of eight stops at Blaine, Minnesota’s Schwan Super Rink to display the best of the best in youth peewee hockey.

The CCM Skills Camp is set to make stops around the United States and Canada in cities including Detroit, Vancouver, Calgary, Boston, New York and Montreal and has already completed its first camp in Toronto.

In each city, 125 of the regions best and brightest in peewee hockey who were hand selected will participate in this professional-caliber, on-ice and off-ice hockey experience, all compliments of Reebok CCM Hockey. Top trainers and coaches from the Nadaeu/Leblanc Hockey School will be helping the youngsters hone their on-ice and off-ice skills and Reebok CCM Hockey will provide each player with a full set of Reebok CCM’s best new gear.

Who: 125 elite youth hockey players from both Canada and the U.S. and CCM’s best hockey coaches and trainers, including; Alain Nadeau former Youth Development Trainer from the Montreal Canadiens and Founder of the Nadeau/Leblanc Hockey School, Joey Deliva, Head On-Ice Instructor at the Nadeau/Leblanc Hockey School, Patrick Laurin, On-Ice Instructor at the Nadeau/Leblanc Hockey School, Scott Bailey, Head Strength and Condition Trainer at the Nadeau/Leblanc Hockey School , Marijn Den Dulk, current Assistant Captain of the Amsterdam Capitols and Lead Instructor at the Nadeau/Leblanc Hockey School, and Jennifer Scorniaenchi, a Mental Performance Coach, a Licensed Heart Math® Provider, and a Wellness Consultant.

Visit CCM Skills Camp's website for more information.

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